Ltd. «Sherg-Ulduzu» was founded in 2002 and is engaged in planting vineyards and production of wine and brandy. Today it is one of the largest vinogradarnyh farms in the country, based on which the revival of the Azerbaijani winemaking. 

The founders of the company developed a business plan for the phased creation of a closed-cycle production from raw material base and processing. 
This is one of the largest projects in Azerbaijan on grape growing, after Azerbaijan gained independence. Already at the current area of vineyards Ltd. «SHERG - ULDUZU», located in Shamkir region of about 110 hectares. In the long term is scheduled to bring the area under vines up to 200 hectares. Purchased by fillokseroustoychivy and frost-resistant varieties, they are adapted to our climate. These are the same class, which are used by French companies. At this stage, the revival of winemaking in Azerbaijan society is seeking to acquire and domesticate the most famous grape varieties and after testing to adapt to local conditions pochvennoklimaticheskim lay plantations. 

Successfully solved by technological issues and the cultivation of this valuable, but it's very capricious culture, the production of wine. According to experts from France, Italy, Israel, Ukraine, have repeatedly visited the vineyards Ltd. «SHERG - ULDUZU», these plantations are the best in Azerbaijan: the technical process of growing grapes, down to the details, has a scientific basis. For example, the number of sunny days, the direction and nature of the wind in the grape planting seedlings, their adaptation to local climatic conditions, availability of shelter trees planted along the plantations, the systematic analysis of the soil, conducted by independent laboratories, irrigation system, etc. 

In laying the vineyard, growing grapes in the design, construction and commissioning of the plant, in the supply of a complete set of «Sherg Ulduzu» attended such well-known European companies as PADOVAN, DEFRANCESHI, BUSHER (VASLIN), G. WEIN, BÖNNIHEIM, GAI, GSA, MASELLI and others. 
The existing plantations vineyard, plant grapes, production, storage and bottling of wine with the most stringent Euro standards. 

All of these effective measures to implement the strategic objectives of the company - creating a closed cycle of production and the active promotion of domestic products abroad. It was the model of labor and the ability to integrate into the overall world economy. 

Characteristics of the vineyard: 

The area of the vineyard - 110 hectares. Grape varieties Merlot, Shardone, Saperavi, Rkasiteli, Bayan Shira, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz 

Characteristics of plant: 

Total area - 2 hectares. Production area - 3000 m2 


388 km highway Baku - Kazakhstan from the road «Silk Road» - 250 meters from the railway station Dollyar - 3 km from the airport Ganja - 20 km 


Crusher VASLIN BUCHER (40 tons per hour), press 2 units. (VASLIN BUCHER XP-150) 

Storage vinomateriala: 

Tanks made of stainless steel. Number of tanks - 77 units. The volume of containers - 250 000 + 200 000 gave gave - Enamel 

Bottling wine: 

Equipment - the production company Italy GAI Capacity - 3 000 bottles per hour.